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Our Story

Tom & Cameron

Tom is the owner & distiller at Herrick Creek Distillery in Christchurch. He's an avid whisky enthusiast and a Canadian!

Cameron runs Discovering Drams in Christchurch, aimed at providing affordable and unique whisky tasting events. He's a local, a historian and a marketer!

Together, they make up the team for the Distil-Nation NZ Podcast!



Check out the podcast page to read about, and listen to all our episodes.

About our Sponsors

Distil-Nation NZ has a goal to spread the word of New Zealand made spirits and distilleries around the country and the world!

This wouldn't be possible with help from the following:

1. Herrick Creek Distillery - Co-host Tom's distillery in Christchurch

2. The Juniper Collective & Spirit & Spoke - Co-host Tom's NZ spirits' boutique in Christchurch. 112 Cashel St or online

3. Discovering Drams - Co-host Cameron's venture for affordable and educational whisky tastings

Be sure to check these out and support the Podcast!

Follow us on Instagram @distilnationnz

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